About Us

Intelligic biz is design to make a good relation between stable investment and good earning. People respond in accordance to how you relate to them. If you approach them on the basis of greed, that's how they'll react. But if you say, 'We want relation, we want stability,' we can then do a lot of things that will contribute towards the progress of our business.

Safety is a state that implies to be protected from any risk, danger or damage. In the Hyip industry, safety means that users, operators or Administrator do not face any risk or danger coming from un known sources.

Our investment platform was designed with balanced efficiency and performance in mind. We can proudly say that we have the best service.

The intelligic.biz is an international developing and dynamic legal investment company which focuses its activity on Auto motive companies and trading in auto mobile field. We have gathered the team of professionals who base all their ideas on many years of experience and impeccable knowledge of the market.

We hold stakes in other automobile companies and have a very stable position in market in the field of automotive companies. Our truly flexible business is fueled by state of the art technologies and constant real world problem solving.

You can count on a productive and transparent partnership due to our willingness to gain profit and share it with you. We know the value of time. Our investors have every reason to be satisfied with intelligic.biz financial results.